Spring Fashion Trend Watch 2013

Fashion Trend Watch 2013

Are you ready to start off 2013 with a fresh new look? Why not try out some of spring’s hot new trends? Like most people we are guilty of sporting the same look and repeating core wardrobe items at the end of every season.  After reviewing the most popular trends for Spring, we think these 5 are actually wearable.

1. Bermuda shorts

The popularity of Bermuda shorts comes and goes but it is definitely one of the trends that is wearable this season. Professional Bermuda shorts can be worn to work with a cute top and a cardigan. They are perfect for summer when you don’t want to expose too much skin. It’s a trend that looks good on anyone!

2. Black and White

Looking for a dress to wear to an office party? Skip the springy floral looks and try selecting one that is in black and white. A black and white patterned dress or a blazer would be perfect if you wanted to try this trend.

3. Statement sunglasses

Statement sunglasses hit the runway in every shape and size this season. Pick out a pair that makes you look fabulous as you walk down the streets. Don’t hesitate to express yourself.  We are especially loving the new Gucci bamboo style oversized glasses, but there are glasses to fit every budget.

4. Bold Stripes

Bold stripes, vertical or horizontal are so in right now. Blue and white stripes give you a cute nautical look. Just stay away from the black and while horizontal stripes so you don’t look like you escaped from jail. We would suggest a long flowy skirt or a simple cardigan.

5. Beautiful Beading

India and the Middle East have made an influence on the runway this season with beautiful intricate beading, and it makes for some stunning evening wear. Push that itchy, too shiny sequined mini-dress to
the back of your closet ladies because you won’t need it for a while. These dresses are gorgeous and you are sure to make an impression.

Whatever trends you chose to embrace this season, make sure you mix it up.  Once the cold weather melts away and sunny days are here again, try one of these on-trend styles to get you out of your winter funk.  And always remember, what you wear is like marketing yourself, so make sure to always put your best foot forward.


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