Online Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

Each non-profit faces different challenges due to their limited budget, staff size and overall understanding of the best use of online marketing. Here is a list of 5 valuable ways to help non-profits find the means to promote their brand, market their events and, most importantly, encourage online donations to drive revenue.

1) Create a web site that is eye-catching
The first step to market your organization is to create a strong website. Make sure your site is completely branded with the organization’s activities, cause and mission, and leads visitors to the proper call to action. Having a website that is up to date with event information, blogs, tweets, and photography will give visitors an immediate positive first impression.

2) Use social media to share what your organization is doing
In order for non-profits to survive and build membership, they must do positive things in the community, which reinforces the notion that it is an organization worth joining. Use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other industry websites. By sharing your non-profit’s work across different platforms, you increase your odds of reaching out to potential new members.

3) Make email newsletter sign-up simple, easy and prominent
Newsletters are key for non-profits to deliver news to members who have opted in for regular updates about the organization. Make sure your sign-up form is simple and easy to you use. The call to action should say “Sign Up” or “Join our Newsletter”.  Once the user signs up, direct them to a page that confirms their request to receive the newsletter, thanks them for subscribing, and gives them the option of viewing the current newsletter along with other information about your organization. You could also provide a link so the member can instantly Tweet or share on Facebook about having signed up and can encourage others to do the same.

4) Be consistent and timely
If there is one thing that makes a great website or newsletter, it is consistency. Consistency is critical for users to believe in the organization and build trust. If a user signs up for a monthly newsletter, your organization needs to deliver. If your organization has a social media strategy, it must be consistent and interactive. Make sure your news is fresh and not more than two weeks old. Consistency and timely content are critical for making users trust that your non-profit is active and working hard to serve the community.

5) Simplify the online donation process
Donation buttons are great but many users still send in checks or want to provide other means of giving a donation. Some people cannot give financially but are willing to volunteer time. Make sure your donation page clearly gives your users those options. Always keep the process simple and with as few steps as possible (usually 3). Once a user donates, give them the opportunity to access Facebook to talk about the donation or link to Twitter to tweet about how he or she supports a particular non-profit. Similar to an endorsement, this will encourage others to donate online knowing that the recommendation to do so came from a familiar and trusted source.

Running a non-profit organization can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you know which steps to take to be successful.



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