How To Find Your Ideal Customer

Many business owners do not know who their target market is, therefore they are not using their resources effectively. One of the ways to make your business a success is to know and understand who your ideal customer is. Once you know this, you can bring your target customers in more effectively than your competition.

Audience Demographics
Begin by finding out your target audience demographics. Who exactly are you targeting for your products and services?  There are somegreat online tools for this like and Here you can go and type in your competitor’s website and find out about the people who are visiting their website. How old they are, where they live, how much money they make etc. There you have it, your perfect customer profile.

Target Profile
Now that you have an understanding on who your target audience is, you can take that and tailor it to a certain demographic. Instead of targeting all the different demographics, start by targeting the largest one. This is a good place to start and you can always increase or target a different demographic later. Find out how your target audience gets their information. Is it through their friends, social media, or news? Then use this knowledge to target them there with your commercials and other product and service promotions.

Take a look at the needs and wants of your ideal customers. After all, it is always about the customer.


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