Finding a Roommate


Finding a roommate, a good roommate is really difficult! Now, I didn’t have a roommate in college since I went to college near where my parents lived and I had the good fortune of living at home. I always felt left out since most of my the friends I would make would talk about their awesome roommates (ok some of them were horrible) and all the dorm parties they would go together. I was so envious!

Since graduating from college and leaving my parent’s house, I’ve lived by myself in pretty expensive one bedroom apartments. Yes, walking around in my apartment in my underwear was nice but it was also really expensive! So when my second apartment lease was coming to an end, I set out on the journey of finding a roommate!

I joined so many websites on my journey,, and many more but to contact someone or read messages in your inbox, you had to pay up! It was probably about $10 to join and be a “Premium” member. Ripoff right? I mean come on, it probably would take me 2 weeks to find someone and the other two weeks would go to waste! Umm no thank you!

Sooo, I resorted to posting an ad on Craigslist. When I told my coworkers, they all freaked out! I mean I guess I would too. There are so many stories of girls getting put in the hospital with injuries, some even killed by their roommate or someone their roommate is friends with. What I’m trying to say is, sometimes, when you are not careful in the interview process, you end up living with someone dangerous.

If you do your interview correctly and you ask all the right questions, things will be alright. I met my current roommate on Craigslist and things are going well for us! Do your research and a background check. Google some questions to ask your potential roommate. I especially found this one and this one particularly helpful!


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