THINX Period Underwear!

I finally ordered myself some THINX underwear! I’ve been following the company and subscribing to their weekly newsletters for probably about a year now. I knew I wanted to try them but I wanted to make sure and read a lot of reviews and watch what other people had to say before I ordered some. The last straw before I ordered myself a pair was when some of my cutest underwear got destroyed! I’m sure you ladies know how hard and annoying it is to get blood off underwear and even harder and more annoying on your bed sheets and mattress! No more of that!!

I ordered the Hiphugger ($34) and the Cheeky ($29). Both black and in a size small. Yes, it may look a little expensive right now but think of all money you will save if you aren’t buying new underwear after you ruin yours with blood. Plus, here is a small gift of $10 OFF your purchase from me! You can thank me later! And for a limited time $5 off with code: ALLTHATSRAD. That’s 50% off a single underwear!

I have been eagerly waiting for my pair to arrive and it should be any day now! I will write a new blog post after I have tried it and let you guys know what I think. Til then, watch this video about THINX and the positive impact they are bringing to the world.


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