Low Maintenance Toiletries and Makeup Bag


If you’re going somewhere for a few days like a camping or hiking trip for example, and you don’t want to carry a ton of makeup and toiletries, check out the basic essentials you need to pack so you look your best and feel wonderful!

The Bag

First of all, you need a handy toiletries bag. I really like this one that I picked up from Walmart for just $11!

bb97dc73-b2d9-4432-9008-2530a64e239e_1.fdad6d58cc8bb8105a89518f36803282 It’s the perfect size for weekend trips or 1-2 week trips. What I really love about it is the hook at the top. You can hang it in on the towel holder for easy access. It has several pockets for your makeup and body products.

The pockets on the sides are a little shallow so they don’t fit larger products but the middle section is large enough to fit most travel size products.

Once you have your bag, let’s get to packing it with your essentials!

Oral HygieneIMG_4308

First off, don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste! I don’t know how many times I forgot to pack my toothbrush while traveling as a kid. Now I know to have a separate toothbrush just for traveling with a protective cover to keep off dust. Remember to clean them with H2O2 or replace them occasionally. Also, make sure to pack plenty of your favorite mini toothpaste so you don’t run out! Some of you might also want to take along some mouth wash so don’t forget about a mini bottle of that!

Body Essentials

IMG_4311Next up are the body products that are gonna keep you smelling nice and clean during your trip. First, I picked up this body scrub glove from Walmart for just $2. You can insert a soap bar into the pouch. I have decided to use body wash with it instead. I used to take my whole body scrubbing brush with me which took up a lot of space and took a while to dry. Second, don’t forget to pack lots of nice smelling body wash. Pictured here is the Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works that I am currently using. I also have the CIEL body wash that I picked up the last time I was in Vegas at the SLS. I also have a travel size Degree deodorant in the scent Fresh Energy. I don’t wear a lot of perfume while hiking but I included this PINK body mist in the scent Ready to Party. I also have my razor and I usually cover it with a large binder clip so I don’t cut myself with it. Last but not least, in the Bath and Body Works Fresh Lemon HandiBac, I actually carry foam hand soap in one of my favorite scents Caribbean Escape. I’ve noticed some places don’t have the best soaps available so I like to bring my own. Things that I will also be bringing but are not shown are a small facial towel and body lotion.

Makeup Essentials

IMG_4309I don’t  like to get too dolled up when going on a camping trip or visiting the outdoors and since there is limited space in my bag, I have chosen only to pack the essentials. It’s important to pack day cream to keep your skin hydrated. Then comes BB cream or moisture tint. Depending on how I am feeling I might go with Maybelline New York’s 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Skin Perfector or the Jouer luminizing moisture tint. I also include a lipstick and/or lip crayon, mascara and a highlighter. Don’t forget your brushes! Just a few are needed. Things I will pack but are not shown are makeup remover wipes and makeup remover solution. I might also include an eyeshadow to use.

In the space that’s left, I like to include some Alka-Seltzers just in case of upset stomachs, Advil/Aleve, some tea bags and sleeping pills should I need them.

This is pretty much all I pack and I have seen that it gets me through the week just fine. What would you guys add to this? Let me know in the comments below. Happy travels!


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