Apps to Make Your Traveling Easier


Hopper/Skiplagged/Google Flights I love using these three apps to help me find cheap flights. I usually start out using the Google Flights option to select airports close to me and airports close to my destination to see which flight would be the most cost effective. I like Hopper because it predicts the future price of flights & tells you when to buy. Skiplagged helps you find flight and hotel rates that you won’t see anywhere else. You can save hundreds of dollars compared to other travel sites.

Airbnb Save money by staying at Airbnb’s instead of hotels. I always take a look at places to stay nearby instead of hotels. Staying at an Airbnb usually means more of the comforts of home like a kitchen and free wifi. I’ve stayed at Airbnbs a lot during my trips and 90% of the time, I’ve had a good time. There was one place where the room was very dirty and dusty not cleaned regularly and it basically looked like a bed in a storage room. And another time in Vegas where the place I stayed for a few nights in the middle of Summer, the A/C was broken.

Apple Maps/Waze Whenever I’m going for a long drive, I always use Apple Maps or Waze for navigation. About 80 million drivers currently use Waze. You can avoid traffic jams, police, accidents and construction using the app. Waze is all about contributing to and benefiting from the common good, so hop on board and get involved!

Uber/Lyft If you didn’t drive to your destination and you are in need of a ride somewhere, call an Uber or Lyft. Of course, some people will want to save and take the bus or any public transportation but if you don’t feel safe taking that, Uber and Lyft will take you wherever you need to go. Use my Uber code debasree54ue to get a discount ride when you sign up. If you prefer Lyft, use my code DEBASREE709777 to get discount rides!

Google Trips Google Trips makes exploring the world easier by organizing your essential info in one place and making it available even offline. Get activity suggestions based on what’s nearby, customizable day plans, and your travel reservations from Gmail.
For several hundred of the world’s top places, find popular day plans organized on a map that you can customize based on your interests and available time. Every trip contains ideas for things to do automatically organized into useful categories like Top Spots and Indoors or Outdoors. For many of the world’s top places, you’ll get curated local suggestions and travel tips.

Yelp I use Yelp even when I’m not traveling. It is a platform that has over 100 million reviews of businesses worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a pizzeria that just opened or a coffee shop nearby, Yelp is your local guide to finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, relax and play. Find local restaurants, read expert customer reviews and start searching for businesses near you with Yelp.

GasBuddy Love finding cheap gas? Who doesn’t right? This app has got your back! GasBuddy is the world’s largest community-based fuel app, with over 60 million downloads worldwide. If you’re doing a lot of driving, this app will come in very handy. Just put in your location and it will tell you where to find the cheapest gas in a certain radius. It also shows you on a map where the closest gas station is and the price there. The prices are constantly being updated by users in the area.

What apps do you find helpful while traveling?? Let me know in the comments below!


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